Our ability to sell and the buyers ability to buy

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How to prepare your clients and customers to make their colleagues ready for the change and the benefits your solution will bring.


Are your colleagues ready for change?

Are we born with ‘it’?

Nobody is born with it, it’s not an inherited skill, it’s not part of our personality, yes we can be over bearing, loud, an extrovert type but without ‘it’ our chances of success in the profession of selling will be limited at best.

What’s the ‘it’?

What’s the ‘it’ –  the ability to effectively communicate with buyers that they will not only realise the need to buy but to set in place the motion within their organisation, to make their colleagues ready for the change and the benefits your solution will bring.

Top sales training programs

Many sales training courses, sales training programs and sales training seminars do not stress the relevance of understanding the buyers off-line, personal, unique, behind-the-scenes processes and decision making that must take place in their environment before they can buy. Once worked through, suddenly their decision to ‘buy’ is released – they have freedom to grasp your solution!

There’s that word – ‘process’ again

Understand the ‘Process’ – yours and theirs. Help them navigate their way through the change that your solution will provide and they will grab your offering with both hands.

The best selling skills training that can be delivered would be amiss if we do not recognise the buyers position in the change management process.

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