The vital need for short training workshops

Posted by on June 2, 2017 • < 1 minute read

Short courses serve a variety of immediate benefits to the company including sales bottom line, customer service attitudes and interactions and team cohesiveness.


In the corporate working environment we are aware of in company or varsity taught ‘life long learning skills’ programs and the absolute need for that type of long term training to develop and empower the upcoming youth of our country. But let us not discount the immediate impact, in the working environment of the short course (1 or 2 day skills type workshop) non SETA registered training. The benefit to the company of developing staff and the repatriation of the ‘training money’ spent always seems to make ‘life long ‘worth it’s while and this we will not dispute.

Short courses, on the other hand serve a variety of immediate benefits to the company, especially those focused on improving the sales bottom line, customer service attitudes & interactions and team cohesiveness. These benefits extend into criteria and exercises on ‘where to’ & ‘how to’ find profitable new business or which ‘old ‘customers to rekindle a relationship or maybe the process to pick up on and to initiate the ‘call’.

The results here are immediate and if well managed will reflect on the R.O.I. of time, effort & money. Besides the ‘Process’ there is the all important ‘Structure’ which is a topic for another conversation.

All said, we want our staff to ‘do something different’ from tomorrow onwards so, let’s put it into their K.P.I.’s and manage the actions & measure the impact, particularly the ‘Sales Impact’

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