Key account management

In recent years there has begun a growing trend throughout various industry sectors to begin focusing on deriving more value from their Key Customers. With this in mind, Sales Impact has developed a more intensive Key Account Management product that gets to grips with all the key issues and considerations that will allow you to develop a focused strategy, assisting you in identifying those existing and potential accounts that will generate 80% of your business, and help you to develop a powerhouse strategy aimed at getting maximum value from these accounts.


This product is delivered as a strategy session that makes use of a dynamic model that Sales Impact will customise, or adapt, to focus on your unique business environment.

Successful implementation of a strategy using our Key Account Management programme will result in increased loyalty levels among your key clients and resultant increases in revenue generated from your existing client base.

Sales Impact’s new Key Account Management model takes a closer look at:

  • Understanding Key Account Management
  • Identifying Key Accounts
  • Profiling a client base
  • Developing effective retention mechanisms
  • Maximising on cross-sell and upgrade opportunities
  • Entry barrier tactics
  • Channel development and the “Partners in profit” concept
  • Differentiating traditional selling techniques from the new competencies required for Key Account Management
  • Competing on value
  • Customer Relationship Management

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