Personal motivation

True motivation comes from within. It’s commonly referred to as self motivation. The most successful sales people are those that have a strong internal direction, they instinctively know they are doing the right thing. When you are internally directed, you have the confidence to trust your instinct and your intuition.


At Sales Impact, we understand that providing sales people with the skills set required to understand the selling dynamic, is a fruitless exercise, if we don’t provide them with the sales motivation required to successfully implement these skills to the best advantage.

By “sales motivation”, we are not referring to external motivation, in other words being continually motivated by the strokes you receive from others, but rather by providing you with affirmations, goal setting strategies and self motivation techniques, that will allow you to become your own motivator and let you find the confidence and resources within yourself to get out there and combine your newly learned sales skills, with your extensive product knowledge and professionalism, guiding you to persevere and become a top sales performer.

It’s this key ingredient that differentiates Sales Impact from similar sales training offerings in the market – striking the right balance of self motivation, and practical selling skills to enhance an individuals existing arsenal of product knowledge and professionalism.

If you want to become a successful sales person, trust your gut, and develop the ability to motivate yourself.


Keep your thoughts positive
Because your thoughts become your words

Keep your words positive
Because your words become your actions

Keep your actions positive
Because your actions become your habits

Keep your habits positive
Because your habits become your values

Keep your values positive
Because your values become your destiny!


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