The principles underpinning the use of selling skills

The first part of the three principles that under pin the understanding and use of selling skills in 2017.

The first part of the three principles that under pin the understanding and use of selling skills in 2017.

Keeping closer to the money

All activities of the sales department, from the time of arrival at the office in the morning and yes, this includes the time taken to have that cup of coffee need to be geared towards moving us closer to the money.  If it doesn’t achieve that; move the activity out!

If the first activity is moving from the home base at the office to your first sales call then we are talking about the actual daily call plan, timing and the actual sales call plan.

Realising that we all only have eight hours in a day, our attitude needs to be one of who deserves my time. I’m in business to help my customer succeed, so where will my time be spent to the best advantage of my customer and my company. It’s really an attitude of being a partner in profit.

We are really talking here of managing our territory as if it were our own business – where would you spend the most time to improve your income? Anything that distracts from that priority is lost to that day and may end up being on the next days, or next week’s agenda. If you don’t you may find it funny how buyers have the habit of moving on!

Be ruthless with your time. Go where the most potential is and go into that customer with an objective and juxtapose with an ‘open slate’ to explore and discuss how you can add value to the customers business. Many times it’s about not selling anything at the onset rather have that courageous conversation using your great questioning strategies. You may be surprised about what you discover: opportunities for your solution. And that’s Sales Impact.

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