The Principals underpinning the use of Selling Skills

We need to make buyers ‘constructively discontent’ with their present situation and build a 'Cause for Change'

One of the main causes of not being able to ‘close the deal’ is that you have not sufficiently ‘Built a Cause for Change’ in the customer.

Building a Cause for Change – The lack of ability to close the deal.

Why should the buyer change!

Firstly, you’re an unnecessary irritation in their day, secondly you’re surely not the first call they have had today from a salesperson to buy something & thirdly they are quite comfortable with their current supplier.

We, as sales people need to understand that throughout discussions with our customer we need to be building on his need to change from where they are to where you need them to be. That is a step by step process that takes place over a few meetings or sometimes can be within the space of a single face to face call. We need to make buyers ‘constructively discontent’ with their present situation. The watch word here is ‘Process’ – sales is a process and the better we understand that process and where we are within it, the more effectively we can strategise to move the customer on wards. Successful selling is about understanding the sales process and a structure of the selling skills we need to learn & practise to build that ‘cause for change’

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Cedric has years of experience in senior management within the corporate environment, both locally and internationally. He brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience experience which translates into the classroom environment in practical and up to date sales training courses.

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