The Third Principal underpinning the use of Selling Skills

‘Sell’ the Loss – Move the Customer from where they are - to where you need them to be.

‘Sell’ the Loss – Move the Customer from where they are – to where you need them to be.

In sales as in life, we all try to limit the amount of change that takes place that can affect us.

For buyers the same principal applies, we’re comfortable with our habits; it brings a sort of stability to our day. Any thought of changing that routine will naturally bring resistance & so it is with sales.

Buyers evaluate each and every contact point with the sales representative with the thought; ‘What’s in it for me?’

Well let us look at ‘What’s in it’ for them.

As sales people we bring new ideas, unforeseen opportunities to the table and a whole bag of industry experience that the customer is not privy to – but they do still not move from where they are!

Why – They’re comfortable!

‘Selling the Loss’ is a structured approach of getting the customer to realise what the cost is of not changing & that cost can arrive in many different formats each with its own set of consequences. It’s best calculated in monetary terms – what is the cost to the customer and how will that impact on them. Through a set of defined skills you need to explore the sales opportunities buried within this treasure-trove and guide the customer to see the value you bring to the table and the value of your proposed solutions.

Get the sales impact you deserve!

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Cedric has years of experience in senior management within the corporate environment, both locally and internationally. He brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience experience which translates into the classroom environment in practical and up to date sales training courses.

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