The Treasure Map of Sales — A sales process

What is your company's sales process? Not that thing which you need to fill-in or that program which comes hand-in-hand with CRM software.

I have heard salespeople say that their company has a sales process or that the company has a sales process as part of a CRM system but when I ask no one can delve into their sales process and tell me what it is about. Even worse when I ask them to tell me how it helps them in sales I get blank stares. the usual answer is that it is part of a CRM system and management requires them to ‘fill it in’.

No more discussion or expansion on the topic so they are ready to move on – really!

A well-mapped out sales process is worth its weight in gold. In fact, it is gold.

Think of a ‘treasure map’, there are lots of treasure-seeking shows on telly. Let us think about what the process is & all the steps that one needs to take when one wants to find a treasure. All the research, all the checking in various archives, antiquarian shops, and trips to verify the story all around the world. Old maps, new maps, red tape and the list goes on.

A sales process is like a ‘treasure map’ and there are a few similarities here. Let’s explore!

  • Like a treasure map, we need to start at the end – a clear concrete goal – planning any route needs knowing where you’re going.
  • Include all the stakeholders – whom do we need to help us in this quest?
  • Name the ‘steps’ in the process, ie; what do you need to do first and so on.
  • Define the starting point – sound familiar to a treasure map
  • Define each stage of the process.
  • What are the ‘geographics’ like, in a sales process it is the ‘psychographics’
  • All the sub-tiers that outline all sub-stages of the project aka: Prospect
  • There needs to be a set of minimum requirements to move to the next stage and so on

In sales, a process clearly defines what allows a prospect to be in each stage of the sales process and what qualifies them to move out or onto the next stage, moving the sale along.

Many organisational sales processes do not fulfill the need of being an alive process that is carried around in the head of a salesperson as they go from call to call. We need to visualise the flow for each and every customer, knowing where they are in the process and what the salesperson needs to do at the next call to move that prospect / customer along the process. As you move them through the sales process and ‘over the line’ as an active customer, you have found your treasure!

Now track, measure and monitor the account.

If this article resonates with you and you see it as part of the solution of getting your potential customers ‘over the sales line’ and be revenue-producing, then give us a call.

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Cedric has years of experience in senior management within the corporate environment, both locally and internationally. He brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience experience which translates into the classroom environment in practical and up to date sales training courses.

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