Achieve your sales goals

A tough economy and even tougher sales targets

Sales Impact has been solving tough sales target issues for its customers for over 34 years – ultimately we create great turnaround sales results.

Here is a 10-point step approach which immediately gets those power sales you deserve – these will save and carry you through the tough times.

Each step is taught in more detail on one of our Sales Impact’s Selling Skill Courses.

  1. Keep close to the money. Talk only to potential customers who want and need your product or service now. Learn the great skill of asking the right questions, a focus in our sales training.
  2. Be ruthless with sales time, have clear objectives, measure & monitor. Part of our Sales Management Course.
  3. ‘Build a cause for change’ in your customer is key in our sales skills courses. Know and follow your own sales process, so that at any point your know where you are in that process. The point here is to make your customer ‘constructively discontent’ with their current situation & see the solution in your product or service. We will build with you your own customised sales process.
  4. Tabulate the ‘cost of ownership’ of the problem for the customer in not moving to your solution. What is the ‘Loss’ costing them by not moving to your solution & answer that all important question for the customer; What’s in it for me, the customer?
  5. Organisational buying is a ‘change management process’ – manage that change process for the buyer & the sales becomes a lot easier. We will walk you thru that process to better implement those sales.
  6. The Sales Managers unfulfilled role! Sales Coaching. Leading high performance sales teams through that process is a deliberate planned series of events. Give your sales managers that advantage and coach for high level sales.
  7. A small shift in sales ability will lead to a big difference in sales results. Give them the sales tools to get the job done and hold them accountable through one of our skills embedding programs as part of our Advanced Selling Skills.
  8. Win the ‘inner game of sales’ – Selling is largely a mental game; dealing with your own mind dealing with rejection & put into place a ‘Winning Edge’ process, which is what we do.
  9. Remember – ‘people buy with emotion and justify the ‘price’ afterwards – lets train them to tell stories in sales, digging deep into the customers motives to buy! Price is only 10% of the consideration.
  10. There are ‘degrees of satisfaction’ a customer moves thru during the purchase of your product or service. Learn how to ‘tick-off those boxes’ and move to the next one.

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